Tesla Model S is our preferred car for long distance travel – there is no range anxiety with the Supercharging network

Our Tesla Model S is our preferred vehicle for driving long distances (like down to NY and NJ) from Dover, MA which is about 200 miles. The Tesla Supercharging network is easy to use, fast, and reliable. We stop about every 150 mile or so for a stretch and cup of coffee and in 15 mins we have added 100 miles of range. There are at least 6 supercharging stations (each with about 8-12 individual chargers) between here and NY/NJ. Only once in 3 years have I found all of the chargers in use when we arrived. A space opened up in 5 mins. I do not have range anxiety in my Tesla and it is cheaper to drive than any gas car. Because I charge it from my solar panels it also has a zero carbon footprint. It is also very comfortable for 5 adults whereas the BMW3 series and X5 (SUV) have back seats that are definitely uncomfortable for 5 adults. Everyone detests being the one who needs to sit in the center seat on the ridge above the transmission. Both Ford and GM have announced that their EVs will be able to use the Tesla Supercharging network “next year” and somehow I doubt it will go smoothly, so yes there may still be some justification for range anxiety in a Ford or GM vehicle, but remember those vehicles can also access all Chargepoint, EVGo and other non-Tesla networks so in practice they will have access to every charging station in the USA.