Scope 1 Scope 2 and scope 3 emissions for houses

Net zero for houses does not include scope 3, just scope 1 (emissions from what you burn on site) and scope 2 (emissions from electricity used on site but generated offsite) less any excess power (measured over the whole year) that you contribute to the grid.

In my opinion scope 3 is a huge and meaningless distraction. If everyone (businesses as well as houses) took care of their scope 1 and scope 2 emissions there would not be any scope 3 emissions.

When you burn the coal for heat you cause scope 1 emissions. When a power station burns it to make electricity that you then use you are generating scope 2 emissions. The only scope 3 emissions you generate by burning coal are emissions generated by mining and transporting it. These are not trivial, but not huge either. If coal mining companies used electric-powered miners and electric powered trains (and both were powered by renewable electricity) their scope 3 emissions would be zero. See what I mean?

Coal will go out of use for one reason and one reason only: cost. It now costs more to generate electricity from coal than to generate it from solar or wind. Energy is the ultimate commodity market. The lowest-cost player wins and winner takes all. It is game over for coal. Oil will follow as EV penetration becomes significant, likely, within the next few years. Natural gas will follow that. Zero carbon is now inevitable. The pace is to be determined, but I believe EVs have now hit the inflection point. Housing is still lagging.