Zero Carbon ® Consulting Service

I hope my fab-four recipe for going zero (explained in both the books and the free webinar) is detailed enough for you to get to a zero-carbon footprint on your own. However, if you feel you need some further guidance in going zero, then please see my Zero Carbon® Home consulting service described below. This service is really only for those who want to go zero and save money but are not confident in doing it by themselves, don’t have the time to do all the research, or for people who had a bad experience with solar installers and want to avoid that this time. 

If you use my Zero Carbon® Home service, then I work for you as a client. I do not work for, get paid by, sell products for or take commissions from any manufacturer of heat pumps, solar panels, insulation, windows or any other product I may recommend. Neither do take money from any company selling loans.  My advice is given free of these financial conflicts of interest. I only get paid after you have saved money, and then only the amount you actually save in the first year. In this sense, all the risk of failure is on me. 

If you would like to use my Zero Carbon®  Home service, here is how it works:

  1. I will assess the energy performance, energy cost and carbon footprint of your house. This involves offsite work and may require a visit to your house. Most clients I visit, but I have worked with clients where I have never visited. During the lockdown due to COVID19, this remote service has been honed and now works very well without me ever visiting. The offsite work is based on you giving me copies of recent heating and electricity bills plus public information on your house such as its floor area and orientation to the sun. 
  2. I will create a model of the energy flows in your house so I can assess the likely reduction in energy bills and carbon footprint, and so I can estimate the return on investment.
  3. I will make recommendations for actions to cut your energy use, cut your energy spend and cut your carbon footprint, quite possibly to zero. I will give rough costs for each of these initiatives and likely cost savings. I will also recommend suitable financing mechanisms if you prefer to finance the investments rather than pay for them in cash. I can connect you to contractors I recommend based on my personal experience or that of others. I receive no compensation from any of these installers, nor from any financial organization.

What it costs you:

You pay nothing upfront. You pay me the first year’s savings on your energy bills. After that, all the energy savings are yours. 

You can reach me at

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