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The Preview Edition of Zero Carbon® Home.

The edition of Zero Carbon® Home that is currently available for purchase is the Preview Edition. The final version will be released in early 2020. This is to allow for a full calendar year of measurement of our home’s carbon footprint and energy bills after the installation of the “fab four”. Based on the actual carbon footprint of our home from January to August 2019 I predict that our home will have a zero-carbon footprint for the full calendar year of 2019.

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NEWLY RELEASED. David Green has released his second book, Zero Carbon® Pool. This book is the roadmap for you to cut the carbon emissions, heating bill and electricity bill on your swimming pool to zero. He has done it. He found that going zero on his pool was cheaper, easier and made a better return on investment than even going zero on his home. Written in the same friendly style, and with the same scientifically and financially rigorous analysis as Zero Carbon® Home, this book will help you to save about a thousand dollars a year on a typical swimming pool by cutting its carbon footprint to zero. You can save money by saving the planet. If you are looking for a gift for someone for the holiday season or for a birthday or other special occasion (a birthday for earthday?) what better than to give the gift of a cool future? Zero Carbon® Home, Zero Carbon® Pool and Zero Carbon™ T-shirts – the gifts that keep on giving.

You can order a copy of Zero Carbon® Pool or a Zero Carbon™ T-shirt (which has a lifetime carbon footprint of zero) by clicking here: