Chapter 4 – Windows

Chapter 4 – Windows

How modern triple-glazed windows work, how they can save you a lot of money, how they cut your carbon-dioxide emissions, and how to get them partly financed with zero-interest loans. How natural heating and cooling works.

The picture above is of our new wood-framed low-E triple-glazed windows. The triple-glazed windows have almost three times the insulation value of the old ones and have transformed the look and feel of our home, including being able to see the garden!

The following are the section titles within the chapter Windows in Zero Carbon Home:

Part 1:

Why install triple-glazed windows in your home?

How do triple-glazed windows work?

Does a triple-glazed window look darker than a double-glazed one?

So how much insulation do you get from double or triple-glazed windows?

How low-E makes the glass work as an insulator.

Why have I not heard of triple-glazed windows?

How much do triple-glazed windows cost and how much money can I save?

Shopping for windows and patio doors.

How to determine the priority: Roof, windows, walls or basement?

How much can triple-glazed windows cut my carbon footprint?

If I do not have the cash available today, how can I finance buying triple-glazed windows?

Summary for triple-glazed windows.

Part 2.

Low cost “fit-from-the-inside” triple-glazed windows and curtains.

 Stretchy plastic film.

“Poor man’s triple-glazed windows.”

Commercially available window inserts.

Fixed-panel windows.


Summary for triple-glazed windows.

Part 3:

How natural heating and cooling works.


Pergolas, Verandas and Deciduous Plants.

Deciduous Trees.

Blinds, Shades and Drapes.

 To go zero and save money, install the fab four.

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