The books Zero Carbon® Home and Zero Carbon® Pool are both available as e-books for Kindle (which reads .mobi files), iPad (which reads .epub files) and other .epub readers like Nook, and old-fashioned paperback books. The paperback books have a carbon footprint of about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide. This is over ten times the real weight of the book! The e-books have a carbon footprint of zero. So, if you can read the books on an e-reader you will be getting the books cheaper ($15.99 vs. $24.99), with no shipping cost, no wait and with a zero carbon footprint. For this reason we are no longer shipping hardcopies of the books internationally.

The e-book version of Zero Carbon® Home – 2020 Edition (for both iPad and Kindle readers) is now available. So is the paperback edition of Zero Carbon® Home – 2020 Edition. Both the paperback and e-book versions of Zero Carbon® Pool are still available. The e-books are available worldwide. The paperback versions of Zero Carbon® Home and Zero Carbon® Pool are only available in the USA.

The special “Stuck-at-Home” COVID19 mini-edition of Zero Carbon® Home is available as a free download by entering the coupon code COVID19 at the checkout. The regular price is $4.99.

The Zero Carbon® T-shirt is made from 100% soft organic cotton. It is grown and sewn in the U.S.A. It has a lifetime carbon footprint of zero. It is only available for shipping in the U.S.A. because shipping it overseas would create a huge carbon footprint. You have to walk the walk…

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