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Go Zero – Save Money

How to cut your home’s carbon emissions, heating bill and electricity bill to zero

By someone who has done it: David Green

Zero energy house save money on heating and electric bills
NBC Boston anchor Joy Nakrin’s 3 min interview of David Green. Click picture to start. If you cannot hear the sound, click the video while it is running and then click the un-mute button at the bottom of  the video.


A zero carbon home is also known as a zero energy or net zero energy home. Over the course of a year it generates no net emissions of carbon dioxide.

Our zero carbon, or net zero energy, house from above
Our zero carbon, or net zero energy, house from above

Because the technologies of insulation, heat pumps, solar panels and triple-glazed windows are now so good and the subsidies from government are significant, you can, by following the examples in this book, cut the carbon emissions from your home to zero, save thousands of dollars a year on heating and electricity bills, and make a good return on your investment.

We have done it.

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To see David Green’s 45 minute webinar presentation (followed by 30 minutes of Q&A), hosted by the Green Home Institute, that covers the content of the book, please click here: GHI Webinar

Reviews of the webinar included, “Minute-for-minute, point-for-point, one of the best webinars I have ever attended. Thank you!” and, “Wonderful and helpful presentation. Knowledgeable and practical presenter.”

To easily calculate the carbon footprint of your home, please click here: Carbon footprint.

To read about the author, David Green, please click here: About the author

To order a copy of the current edition of the book (the preview edition), please click here: Order the book

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To read an explanation of net-zero terms, such as net-zero energy, PassivHaus, LEED Certification, Zero-Energy Ready Home (ZERH), Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and my proposed new term, Greenness, please click here: Net-Zero Energy terms explained

It is pure coincidence, or perhaps destiny, that my family name is Green.

These are unsolicited comments I have received on the book:

“Wow that was an awesome book! Super informative on all aspects of the process to get to net zero. I’m very glad I read your book it is such a passion of mine I’ve been wanting to do this for years, you really inspired me to make it happen. Thank you.” D.S., Mastic, New York.

“Absolutely loved the book. Very readable for the non-scientist. Fun, entertaining, quite educational for the scientist.” A.N., Weston, Massachusetts.

“Thank you so much for your effort and attention here. I feels so fortunate to have met you!” K.A., Arlington, Massachusetts.

“I’m very impressed the way you explained the technical terms, the Fab Four and your thoughts on them, leading you to your choice. I was also very surprised when reading the section about old architectural solutions, like verandas, pergolas, deciduous plants, etc. being very often forgotten. Really good stuff.” M.B., London, U.K.

And this comment came from probably the world’s leading environmentalist:

“i thought the book was straightforward and clear” B. Mc., Middlebury, Vermont.

David Green’s work on zero carbon has been publicized on global news media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and has appeared in the Boston Herald and Renewable Energy World, as well as on numerous web sites such as the websites of the Department of Energy, Zero Energy Project, Cool Effects and the Green Home Institute.

A 3 minute interview of David Green by NBC Boston anchor Joy Lim Nakrin can be seen by clicking here.

To order a copy of the current edition of the book (the preview edition), please click here: Order the book


David Green, the author of Zero Carbon Home, has released his second book, Zero Carbon Pool. Zero Carbon Pool, just like Zero Carbon Home, is about how to save money by cutting your carbon footprint. Zero Carbon Pool is about how to cut your swimming pool’s carbon emissions, heating bill and electricity bill to zero. David Green has done it on his own swimming pool. He found it was quicker, cheaper and made him a better return on investment to go zero on his pool than on his house. Written in the same friendly style and backed by the same scientifically and financial rigorous analysis as Zero Carbon Home, this book will help you save money by helping to save the planet from global warming.

To order a copy of Zero Carbon Pool, please click here: shop

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