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Zero Carbon – Zero Bills

To Stop Climate Change – Start at Home

How to cut your house’s carbon footprint, heating bill and electricity bill to zero.

By someone who has done it: David Green

“Your book is terrific.”
Paul Hawken. Author of “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”

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Our house has a zero-carbon footprint and we pay nothing for electricity and heating. We have “gone zero”. We did this by adding: heat pumps, insulation, triple-glazed windows and solar panels (the “fab four”) . By installing the fab four we are saving so much money that our investments will pay for themselves in about six years. Our return on investment is about 15%. That’s 15% after tax and indexed for inflation. Sure beats my 401k! 

A zero-carbon-footprint house (or just zero-carbon house) is also known as a zero-energy house, net-zero energy house or carbon-neutral house or housing. Over the course of a year a zero-carbon-footprint house generates no net emissions of carbon dioxide. Zero-carbon footprint houses are houses that use very little energy from electricity or heating fuel like natural gas or heating oil. But, because even a single light bulb uses energy, they are do not use zero energy. They can use zero energy net (i.e., after subtracting) the zero-carbon energy produced on site, such as from solar panels.

If you want  a zero-carbon footprint and zero bills for heating and electricity then this web site is for you. By saving money for yourself you will cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce climate change and combat global warming. It’s true, green is the new gold™.

If you are looking for a T-shirt with a lifetime carbon footprint of zero, please click here: zero carbon T-shirt

If you are looking for how to make money by cutting the carbon footprint of your swimming  pool to zero, please click here: zero carbon swimming pool

Our zero carbon, or net zero energy, house from above
Our zero carbon house as seen from above. Copyright Jack Green 2018.

David Green’s “fab four” recipe for “making green by going green” i.e., making money by cutting your house’s carbon footprint to zero is:

  1. install 12″ of insulation in your attic and in the ceiling of your basement
  2. replace your AC units with heat pumps
  3. when you replace your windows, replace them with triple-glazed windows not double-glazed ones, or add low cost “fit-from-the-inside” window inserts
  4. install solar panels on your roof

To find out more about the fab four please click here:  Summary.

Note what we did not do (all of which are common conventional wisdom in the green building industry): geothermal, solar hot-water panels, taking the siding off your house and adding insulation, or heat recovery ventilation. These may all make energy sense, but I found that they made no financial sense, i.e., the savings on the heating and electric bills did not pay for the installation. I only did things that made both energy sense and financial sense. 

To see how much money we saved and how much carbon dioxide we cut by cutting our house’s carbon footprint to zero, please click here: How much did we cut?

To see David Green’s 45 minute webinar presentation (followed by 30 minutes of Q&A), hosted by the Green Home Institute, that covers the fab four recipe, please click here: GHI Webinar

Please note that this webinar contains advertising for various manufacturers. This advertising was arranged by the Green Home Institute, not by me. I do not endorse any products mentioned in the advertising. My advice is based solely on my own experience. I am not paid by, or sponsored by, any manufacturer or installer of equipment. I offer my advice free of these common conflicts of interest. You can fast forward over the advertising if you wish.

Reviews of the webinar included, “Minute-for-minute, point-for-point, one of the best webinars I have ever attended. Thank you!” and, “Wonderful and helpful presentation. Knowledgeable and practical presenter.”

To easily calculate the carbon footprint of your house, please click here: Carbon footprint.

To read about the author, David Green who is both a bit of a techie geek and quite financially nerdy, please click here: About the author

To order a copy of David Green’s books, Zero Carbon® Home and  Zero Carbon® Pool, please click here: Order the book

These are unsolicited comments I have received on the book:

“Your book is terrific.” Paul Hawken., San Francisco, California. Author of “Drawdown” and one of the world’s leading environmentalists.

“I thought the book was straightforward and clear” B. Mc., Middlebury, Vermont. Leader of 350.org and one of the world’s leading environmentalists.

“Wow that was an awesome book! Super informative on all aspects of the process to get to net zero. I’m very glad I read your book it is such a passion of mine I’ve been wanting to do this for years, you really inspired me to make it happen. Thank you.” D.S., Mastic, New York. Homeowner who is going zero on his house.

“Absolutely loved the book. Very readable for the non-scientist. Fun, entertaining, quite educational for the scientist.” A.N., Weston, Massachusetts. Homeowner who is going zero on his house.

“Thank you so much for your effort and attention here. I feels so fortunate to have met you!” K.A., Arlington, Massachusetts. Homeowner who is going zero on her house.

“I’m very impressed the way you explained the technical terms, the Fab Four and your thoughts on them, leading you to your choice. I was also very surprised when reading the section about old architectural solutions, like verandas, pergolas, deciduous plants, etc. being very often forgotten. Really good stuff.” M.B., London, U.K. Homeowner who is going zero on his house.

David Green’s work on zero carbon houses has been publicized on global news media outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox and has appeared on the front cover of Green Energy Times,  in the Boston Herald and in Renewable Energy World, as well as the websites of the U.S. Department of Energy, Zero Energy Project, Cool Effects and the Green Home Institute.

To read an explanation of energy terms used in the books (don’t worry, it is precise but in a friendly way), please click here:  Energy terms explained

To read an explanation of finance terms used in the books (again, precise but in a friendly way), please click here: Finance terms explained

To read an explanation of zero-carbon house terms, such as net-zero energy, PassivHaus, LEED Certification, Zero-Energy Ready Home (ZERH), Home Energy Rating System (HERS) and my proposed new term, Greenness, please click here: Net-Zero Energy terms explained

It is pure coincidence, or perhaps destiny, that my family name is Green.

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Zero Carbon, Zero Bills

A presentation by David Green

Please join us on Tuesday, June 2nd at 7 PM or Saturday, June 20 at 10:00 AM
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on how to reduce your house’s carbon footprint while saving money doing it.

All attendees get a free copy of my book Zero Carbon Home – the brand new 2020 edition. 

David Green, a local resident, will explain how he retrofitted his 1970s home to achieve net zero emissions while realizing a 15% return on the investment.  As David says, “My zero energy retrofit beats my 401(k)”.  He is the author of Zero Carbon Home and Zero Carbon Pool.

Sponsored by Upper Charles Climate Action, a node of 350MA   

Cosponsored by our Sustainability Coordinators, Matt Zettek (Holliston), Dorothea Von Herder and Gino Carlucci (Sherborn) 

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