Free Zero Carbon ® webinar, (gets you a free book too)

How to cut your bills and carbon footprint to zero. 

By someone who has done it.

An educational webinar by David Green, 

author of Zero Carbon® Home and Zero Carbon® Pool.

You can register for my upcoming webinars (all of which are free, and attendance gets you a free copy of the e-book version of Zero Carbon Home, on my home page which you can reach by clicking here: home page

If you are part of a local sustainability, environmental or energy conservation group and would like to host a webinar please contact me at: email David Green to arrange it. I can take care of all the arrangements for Zoom hosting and registration so all you need to have is an just add the audience!

Registration is required as it helps to prevent Zoom bombing. All attendees will receive a free copy of the e-book version (for iPad/Nook or Kindle) of David Green’s highly-acclaimed book, Zero Carbon® Home. This webinar is not a lecture, it is conversation. It takes me about 40 minutes to cover the fab four recipe and then I stay on the call until the last person’s question gets answered, which often takes an hour or two (the record is three).

Reviews of this webinar have included, “Minute-for-minute, point-for-point, one of the best webinars I have ever attended. Thank you!”, “This really was exceptional, David. Many thanks!” and, “Wonderful and helpful presentation. Knowledgeable and practical presenter.”

In this webinar I explain, in clear and simple terms, what we did to cut our home’s carbon footprint, heating bill and electricity bill to zero. I am saving so much money on bills that I am earning a 15% return on my investments in heat pumps, insulation, triple-glazed windows and solar panels, which I call the fab four. Yes, I am a Brit and a fan of the real Fab Four, the Beatles.

If you would like to see a YouTube version of David Green’s 45 minute webinar presentation “Zero Carbon®, Zero Bills” (followed by 45 minutes of Q&A), that covers the fab four recipe, please click here: ZCZB webinar

I have also split the webinar into bite-sized sections. To view each section click the link:

To download a pdf file of the slides for the webinar, please click here: Zero Carbon® Masterclass – Compressed This pdf file is compressed to 3.2MB to make it easy to download, so the pictures are a little grainy.

To read the written Q&A from several of these webinars, which is a goldmine of useful information about cutting your carbon footprint and related building matters like condensation, please click here:  Webinar Q&A

I am both an energy geek, with a degree in physics from Oxford University, and a finance nerd with an MBA from Harvard Business School. My financial analysis ensured that we only did things that made financial sense as well as energy sense. Despite being popular in the “deep-energy retrofit” community, I found that geothermal, solar hot-water panels and adding insulation to your walls made energy sense but made no financial sense. Put less politely, they were a waste of money. 

When I set out to cut our carbon footprint, I had no idea I could cut it to zero, let alone make money doing so. Frustratingly, I found there was no guidebook to follow. So, I set about cutting our carbon footprint myself without a guidebook. Having succeeded in going zero, I wrote a book on how to do it. Zero Carbon® Home is the guidebook I had been looking for. It is written in simple, clear language that focuses on saving money by cutting your carbon-dioxide emissions. I do not tell you to lower your thermostat, eat vegan or vote for Al Gore. I show what we did that cut our bills and carbon footprint. Both the book and webinar are full of pictures, charts, tables and diagrams, usually of our own experience. Both are scientifically rigorous and financially sound. They are sprinkled with pithy observations and, on occasion, a dry English wit. Every attendee of the webinar gets a free copy of the e-book edition (for iPad or Kindle) of Zero Carbon® Home.

I do not work for or get paid by any manufacturer or installer of equipment. I am free of the conflicts of interest that permeate the industry. After a nasty road accident in 2014 that nearly killed me, I retired from my career in biotechnology (I founded two companies, was CEO of both and took both public). I now sometimes work 14-hour days helping people cut their carbon footprints. So much for retirement.

I look forward to hearing your questions on the webinar.

David Green.

Yes, Green really is our family name, I got it from my father. I am not making it up, just like I am not making up anything else in the book or webinar.

I live and work in Dover, MA. You can contact me at: email David Green 

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