Chapter 2 – Heat Pumps


 Chapter 2

 Heat Pumps

 How heat pumps work, how they can save you a lot of money, how they can dramatically cut your carbon-dioxide emissions, and how to get them mostly financed with zero-interest loans.


The picture above is of our heat pumps. The units are about four feet high and take the same space as our old AC units, which they replaced. Heat pumps cool your house in the summer, just like your AC units, but also heat your house in the winter. The heat pumps and new blower units together cut our energy use 55% and are saving us about $3,000 per year.

The following are the section titles within the chapter Heat Pumps in Zero Carbon Home:

Part 1: Heat heating and cooling the air.

Why install heat pumps to replace your heating/AC system?

How heat pumps work.

Why have I not heard of heat pumps?

How much do heat pumps cost and how much can I save?

What is the cheapest way to heat my house? Heating oil, natural gas or heat pumps?

How heat pumps saved us a lot of heating oil and a lot of money. They also cut our carbon footprint in half.

If I do not have the cash available today, how can I finance buying heat pumps?

Other uses of heat pumps to save you money.

Summary for Chapter 2, part 1: Heat pumps.


Part 2: Variable speed blower fans.

Why install variable-speed blower fans?

How do variable-speed blower fans work?

How much do variable-speed blower fans cost and how much money can I save?

Summary for Chapter 2, part 2: Variable-speed blower fans.


Going Zero. Summary so far.