Biotechnology – The Technology of Life

Longevity. Increasing lifespan. Biotechnology. Stem Cells. Revolutions in medicine, agriculture and sanitation increased the human population to 8 billion and increased human lifespan from 30 years to 80 years in only the last 150 years.
Biotechnology the technology of life.

Webinar by David Green (who founded two biotech companies, was CEO of both and took both public on NASDAQ) on how medical, sanitary and agricultural revolutions led to 8 billion humans on Earth and a fifty-year increase in human lifespan in just the last 150 years. Will the trend continue and will your grandchildren live to 150?

This webinar was created for students at Dover-Sherborn High School in March 2023. It is available on YouTube by clicking here:

You can download a pdf file of my slides here:

In addition to founding and being CEO of two biotech companies, both of which he took public on NASDAQ, David Green cut his home’s carbon emissions to zero and is making a 15% return on his investments in heat pumps, insulation, triple-pane windows and solar panels. You can read about his experience on this website.

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