Chapter 3 – Solar Panels

Chapter 3 – Solar Panels

How solar panels work, how they can save you a lot of money, how they cut your carbon-dioxide emissions, and how to get them mostly financed with low-interest loans.

The picture above is of our solar array, as seen from our son Jack’s drone about one hundred feet above our house. Photograph © Jack Green.

The following are the section titles within the chapter Solar Panels in Zero Carbon Home:

Why install solar panels to power your home?

Recent changes in buying solar panels.

But is my home suitable for solar panels?

How do solar panels work?

What happens at night or on cloudy days?

What is net-metering?

How much do solar panels cost and how much money can I save?

Do solar panels increase the selling price of my house?

Our solar panel array.

Designing the array, should the panels be flat or tilted?

The gross and net cost of our solar panels.

How do I choose which panels to buy and from which installer?

How much can solar panels cut my carbon footprint?

If I do not have the cash available today, how can I finance buying solar panels?

Summary for solar panels.

Going Zero. Summary of the fab four so far.

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