Zero Carbon ® Emissions T-shirt

Finally, an eco-friendly T-shirt. With a lifetime carbon footprint of zero, this shirt is about as environmentally responsible and sustainable as possible. It is made from 100% beautifully soft organic cotton and it is 100% made in the U.S.A. It is unadorned with logos, printing or labels.

Beautifully soft, organic-cotton T-shirt.

100% grown and sewn in the U.S.A. 100% sustainable.

Lifetime zero carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly. Earth conscious.

Zero Carbon® Clothing Co.

Soft on your skin

Soft on your planet


This is how one customer liked the shirt. The comment was unsolicited.

“David I keep meaning to tell you how much I am enjoying the T shirt you delivered. I love the “old fashion cotton feeling” it has and the cut is great!!  
Thank you again,” JC Sherborn MA.

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This T-shirt is beautifully soft:

  • It is made from 100% natural organic cotton. No dyes. No bleach. 
  • You will love how this shirt feels next to your skin!

It is 100% made in the U.S.A. It is 100% sustainable.

  • The cotton was grown on a family farm in Texas that has been certified organic for over 25 years
  • The T-shirt was sewn in South Carolina with high-quality double-needle stitching

By buying this shirt you are supporting American jobs, farms and communities, and helping to save the planet from global warming. It is the most environmentally-friendly, eco-conscious and sustainable T-shirt you can buy.

It has a lifetime carbon footprint of zero:

  • U.S.A.-grown organic cotton has the lowest carbon footprint of all the major fibers (cotton, hemp and polyester) used for making shirts.  Its carbon footprint is 61% lower than conventionally grown cotton, 35% lower than imported organic cotton and 76% lower than polyester1. This makes it the most environmentally conscious article of clothing we know of!
  • However, even U.S.A.-grown organic cotton still generates a small carbon footprint. This carbon footprint is offset completely by Zero Carbon®LLC by purchasing verified, incremental carbon offsets2. Making it even more eco-friendly!
  • The total lifetime carbon footprint of a T-shirt is about twice that of making it. This extra carbon footprint is caused by washing and drying the shirt over its lifetime3. This entire lifetime carbon footprint is completely offset by the carbon offsets purchased by Zero Carbon®LLC. This makes this T-shirt completely sustainable!
  • So you can feel great about buying this T-shirt because it has a zero carbon footprint over its entire lifetime! We believe it is the world’s first T-shirt with a lifetime carbon footprint of zero.

We keep our costs, and carbon footprint, low!

  • Transport costs are minimized by buying directly from family farms right here in the U.S.A. Nothing is made in China. And…
  • We do not pay expensive models to wear our shirts

So this beautifully soft, organic cotton, zero carbon, made-in-the-U.S.A. T-shirt costs only $19.99.

Only available in the U.S.A. because shipping it overseas would create a huge carbon footprint.

Zero Dyes. Zero Bleach. Zero Carbon®.

All cotton. All organic. All made in the USA.

Soft on your skin

Soft on your planet

Zero Carbon® Clothing Co.

1. Ecological Footprint and Water Analysis of Cotton, Hemp and Polyester. Nia Cherrett, John Barrett, Alexandra Clemett, Matthew Chadwick, and M.J. Chadwick, 2005. Study conducted by the Stockholm Environmental Institut.

2. These carbon offsets fund a project to capture methane gas that would otherwise leak into the atmosphere from exposed coal seams on the Southern Ute Indian reservations in Utah. Even the carbon offsets support American jobs and communities! Methane gas is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide in causing global warming. These carbon offsets are audited and verified to be real and incremental by Cool Effects™.  Verified incremental means that the carbon offset would not have happened without this program. This is in contrast to many carbon offsets that rely on planting trees in rainforests to capture carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Reforestation programs are often not truly incremental because trees naturally seed and regrow, especially in a rainforest. So planting trees does not necessarily result in capturing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than would happen naturally. The Southern Ute Indian methane capture project is 100% incremental because if the Tribe did not capture the methane it would leak into the atmosphere and cause global warming.

3.  Mapping of Evidence on Sustainable Development Impacts that Occur in the Lifecycles of Clothing.Carbon Trust and BCG Analysis, DEFRA, 2007. Institute for Sustainable Resources, Queensland University of Technology. 

Choosing the right size shirt. Don’t worry if these T-shirts look a little long when you receive them.  These shirts are made from natural organic cotton and so, after washing, these shirts will shrink about 2” in length but they do not shrink around the chest. Here is how to order the right size for you:

For men:

If your chest size is:                                Order this size shirt:

36-38                                                             Small

40-42                                                             Medium

44-46                                                             Large

48-50                                                             Extra large

For women:

If your chest size is:                                  Order this size shirt:

32-34                                                               Small

36-38                                                              Medium

40 or above                                                   Large

These T-shirts look great untucked but are long enough to tuck into jeans, khaki’s or other pants if you prefer to wear your T-shirts tucked in.

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