Song for Ukraine – Democracy, Love and Freedom

Democracy, Love and Freedom
Song for the people of Ukraine

Click the arrow head to hear Blue and Yellow Makes Green sing “Democracy, Love and Freedom” for the people of Ukraine. Democracy and freedom belong to all the people in the world”. It is short, catchy and only 2 minutes long!

Here are the lyrics, sing along!

Verse 1:

Forget about autocracy

Please, no more bureaucracy

Hey, end the aristocracy 

We all want democracy!

Verse 2:

Lose the old theocracy

This stifling gerontocracy

Big Brother’s new technocracy

We all want democracy!


Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom 


Verse 3:

You say it’s meritocracy

It looks like it’s kleptocracy

Smells like rank hypocrisy

All we want’s democracy!

Verse 4:

Bullets make a mock-racy

Stop the oligocracy 

A little more ad-hoc-racy

And then we’ve got democracy!


Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom 

Love and FREEdom


Copyright 2022 David Green

And if you want to try playing it, the verse is: C, Am, Dm, Gsus4, Dm, Gsus4, Am, G, G7, G7+D and the chorus is C+G, G+C, Am+G, F+G, F+G+G, with all the added G notes being at the third fret on the high E string on a guitar. The piano parts and the drums are all courtesy of Garage Band. The guitar parts are played on my early 1990’s Paul Reed Smith (with the Dragon edition rear humbucker) through a Line6 HD500X footboard and Matchless valve amp. I play the bass on my Burns Baldwin Shadows bass guitar from the 1960’s. I play it through (shhh, don’t tell anyone) the Matchless.

The chorus shares the same underlying chord progression as The Beatles “Let It Be” and the full-length version features a guitar solo in the style of George Harrison.

I wrote the music and lyrics and it is sung by Laura Green, who is only 15. Give her a big round of applause!