Zero Carbon Sun T-shirt


This T-shirt is hand dyed by artist and architect Karen Bailey. Karen and David are collaborating to design a Zero Carbon (R) new-build house based on Karen’s innovative honeycomb design. This Zero Carbon Sun T-shirt starts off as one of the regular zero carbon T-shirts you can buy on this site but Karen then hand dyes it with eco-friendly dyes to make this wonderfully colorful Zero Carbon Sun T-shirt. Just like all other Zero Carbon clothing, it has a lifetime carbon-footprint of zero. It is made from organic cotton grown on a family farm in Texas. Domestically-grown organic cotton has the lowest carbon footprint of all apparel fabrics. It is sewn in South Carolina. All remaining carbon footprint (including the carbon footprint from washing and drying it over its lifetime) is offset with verified incremental carbon offsets bought from Cool Effect. It is only available for delivery in the USA. Because each one is hand died, there is a two week delivery time and it cannot be returned.



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Weight 12 oz


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