New Ford F150 Lightening with vehicle to home technology

My new Ford F150 Lightening arrived today (after 2years!). It is an awesome vehicle! The net price after Ford’s incentives, the federal tax credit and MA rebate is $61,000. That is the same price as a new BMW X5. It is replacing a 12-year old BMW X5. The X5 is costing me thousands of dollars a year in maintenance. The F150 Lightening will cost me almost nothing because it has no engine, gearbox, clutch, radiator, alternator or spark plugs to fail. Because I charge it from my solar panels I can drive it for about 2c per mile whereas the X5 costs 20c per mile. It connects to the Tesla supercharging network (and EVgo and Chargepoint) for long-distance travel. It has a 130 kWh battery that will power my house for 5 days during a grid outage. It is made in the US with UAW labor. Did I mention the zero-carbon footprint? I can run 4 x 120V appliances from the bed of the truck. A fridge (margaritas, beers or a chilled glass of bubbly anyone?), a microwave (hot dogs) a coffee pot and a TV projector make for awesome tailgating! This truck is a party on four wheels! It could also run a circular saw, a mitre saw, lights and a shop vac. It is a workshop on four wheels! Oh, and I can get four kayaks in the back. 

I will be doing a talk for Sherborn on EVs and Vehicle-to-home electrification in January. This is the wave of the future. No more maintenance, no more emissions, no more back up generators! And lots of parties.