Green Lawn Mowing / Electric Lawn Mowers

Green Lawn Mowing

We have switched our lawn-mowing service from a company that uses traditional gasoline-powered mowers to EcoQuiet Lawncare that uses only electric, battery powered mowers. We will never go back to gasoline. 

The new mowers are far quieter than the old ones and produce no exhaust fumes. The cost-per-mow is about 20% higher than it was with the the gas-powered mowing company, but we are doing fewer mows per season so the per-season cost is about the same.

In this video (below) you can hear how low the noise level from the battery-powered mowers. Note that Kyle is not wearing ear defenders. It was quiet enough that I could hear Kyle singing to himself. 

For Kyle and Brandon, the biggest benefit is not the low noise but not having to breathe toxic exhaust fumes all day. Their lungs will stay healthy and they will retain their hearing far longer than the workers for our previous gasoline-powered lawn mowing company. 

They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Tesla Cybertruck because it can charge the mowers from its 220V outlet. The Ford F150 Lightning (which I got a month ago) can do the same. The Lightning can run my house for 5 days on its enormous 130kWh battery. It has a 220V / 30 Amp AC outlet in the bed of the truck that my electrician is going to wire into my emergency panel. It can sit 5 adults comfortably (there is no tunnel under the middle seat in the rear) and I can get four kayaks in the bed of the truck.  The Lightning can be had (with a smaller battery) for $57,000 retail less $7,500 federal tax incentive (which you can take at the point of sale from Jan 2024) and a $7,500 MA rebate making the net cost $42,000. A new F150 gas-powered truck is $46,000. Did I mention I power the truck from my solar panels? Hence both my house and cars have zero carbon footprints. We also have a Tesla Model S.

Our new lawn-mowing service is EcoQuiet Lawncare. If you are interested you can contact the owner George Carrette at 978 201 0061.

And here is Kyle mowing the grass. He is not wearing ear defenders and I could hear him singing to himself! They are that quiet!

Here are Kyle and Brandon with their new Greenworks battery-powered lawn mower. It is towing an aerator/overseeder so we can help our grass win the battle with the dandelions.

Please note that I have no financial relationship with EcoQuiet, I simply am recommending them based on our experience.