Zero Carbon Pool released

How to cut your swimming pool's carbon emissions, heating bill and electricity bill to zero
Zero Carbon Pool e-book for Kindle (not iPad or epub readers)

David Green, the author of Zero Carbon Home, has released his second book, Zero Carbon Pool. Zero Carbon Pool, just like Zero Carbon Home, is about how to save money by cutting your carbon footprint. Zero Carbon Pool is about how to cut your swimming pool’s carbon emissions, heating bill and electricity bill to zero. David Green has done it on his own swimming pool. He found it was quicker, cheaper and made him a better return on investment to go zero on his pool than on his house. Written in the same friendly style and backed by the same scientifically and financially rigorous analysis as Zero Carbon Home, this book will help you save money by helping to save the planet from global warming.

David Green holds a BA in physics from Oxford University (with honors) and an MBA from Harvard Business School (with distinction). He founded, and took public, two biotechnology companies before turning his energy to helping people save money by dramatically cutting their carbon footprints.

You can order a copy of Zero Carbon Pool by clicking here