Q: You mentioned that you  have an EV.  Do you find it performs well when it gets really cold?  Are charging stations easy to find, or do you mostly charge at home?  

Yes we have an EV, I bought a Tesla model S about a year ago. We have three kids and they are all taller than my wife so we needed a car big enough for 5 adults. Also, I wanted 4WD given the winters we have in NE. This made the model S about the only option. We bought the long range 100kWh battery and that gives it a range of about 400 miles. The performance in really cold weather (like this week) has been completely normal except that the mileage goes down. If I drove it today it might only get 250 miles on a full charge. Unless the weather is really cold the range stays at about 400 miles.
It is charged about once a week from home (we had an electrician install a Tesla wall charger which charges much faster than just plugging it into a 110V socket) almost always overnight. When we do long trips (like the 400 miles round trip to NYC and back) we stop and recharge at a Tesla supercharger station which can add about 200 miles of range in about 20 minutes. There are many supercharger stations and the car’s software tells you which ones have spaces free and directs you to them. They are usually just off the highway in a shopping mall or something similar. So road trips are not a worry, in fact taking a break every 3 hours or so is actually quite convenient.