Q: Have you looked at Tesla solar roofing tiles?

A: I have, and I have concluded that they are just too new to even be considered at this point. A roof is a long-term investment. Until there is some data from roofs other than that on Elon Musk’s house, I will be cautious of these new products. 

There have recently been a few reports from people who have installed the Tesla solar roof. The numbers are not encouraging. The Tesla solar tiles are only about 4-5% efficient compared to solar panels that are about 20-21% efficient. The cost of the installed power is about $4.62 per Watt compared to solar panels at around $2.80-$3.00 per Watt. The Tesla solar roof is about 50% more expensive than solar panels and about one quarter as efficient. I was right to be cautious of this new product.